March is Caffeine Awareness Month

Did you know that approximately 80 percent of Americans consume caffeine daily? This same habit can wreak havoc on your teeth, resulting in a lackluster smile. Since teeth enamel is porous (small spaces and holes), coffee and tea can get in there easily and stain the teeth over time. Here are a few tips on maintaining your gorgeous smile while still getting your caffeine fix.

Do Drink Water Directly After Your Coffee/Tea: The water will help rinse away any caffeine residue and will also offset some dehydrating properties in caffeine.

Do Brush Your Teeth Regularly: Similar to drinking water, brushing your teeth after coffee also eliminates residue, but don’t brush right away. A study by Jaeggie and Lussi found that “immediately brushing your teeth after acidic drinks may erode your sensitive softened teeth.” So wait at least thirty minutes until saliva restores the enamel.

Do Not Use a Straw: Although many people recommend this, according to the experts, using a straw is only slightly helpful in keeping tea and coffee away from your front teeth, and it’s still opens your molars up to the acidity. So, in this instance, the reward is not worth the effort.

Do See Your Dentist: There is no substitute for a professional cleaning to maintain your beautiful smile. If your teeth already have stains, your dentist can offer you a variety of professional whitening options.