Best and Worst Easter Candy for Your Teeth

Yes, the Easter baskets are still full of sugary goodness, and the kids are dying for more, but is some candy better than others for your teeth? You bet!


  • Jelly Beans: Not only are these loaded with sugar, they prolong the amount of time the teeth are exposed to sugar by getting stuck in the grooves of your teeth.
  • Peeps: Similar to jelly beans, these are pure sugar with the same sticky qualities that bacteria love to munch on for hours. 
  • Sour Candy: Sour candy contains more acid, which causes the enamel to erode so it’s basically assaulting your teeth with sugar AND acid.


  • Sugar Free Candy: Surprise! Surprise! Since these options don’t have the sugar, they are less likely to result in cavities. It also stimulates saliva production, which prevents plaque build-up.
  • Dark Chocolate: This also protects your teeth by resisting the growth of bacteria responsible for plaque.
  • Sugar Free Gum: While this might not be the most popular choice, it might just save you a trip to the dentist for cavity repair.

If you do indulge (and we know you will), make sure to drink lots of water and try to limit candy access to a certain time of the day vs. snacking on them endlessly.